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We plan to add value to your company. 


Our planning for each individual contract is supplied to the client for approval prior to start of work, including construction agent contracts. We also perform numerous GAP analyses, defining the strategy to go forward and make the necessary HSE changes in your organisational climate. Our Turn-key solutions have totally changed how companies operate with respect to HSE and management operations. We are also unique as we provide company readiness and maturity assessements as part of the planning process.

Our strategies are all developed in house and presented to the client with clear deliverables stated. This process allows our consultants and management to play key roles regarding the organisational HSE changes


We are a results driven organisation. Our methods are measured after implementation, normally for a period of 6 months, however some clients prefer one year. These measurements are compared at various stages, the baseline being the GAP analysis, Risk Assessments and the organisational HSE maturity surveys. Our results are unique, no other Chartered HSE Service provides this approach to modern HSE management